What Do Men Fantasize About During Sex?

So what do men fantasize about during sex? Well, that depends on who you ask. Is it the woman’s fault if a man is disappointed by the idea of a fantasy? Or is it that the woman has put him in an ambivalent state when she was in bed with him?

Most people today assume that the popular idea of what men fantasize about during sex is about the same as what women do. To be sure, there are fantasies that can only be expressed by men and these are not to be mocked. A simple, “I think I will stick my penis inside a pie tin,” is what most men want. But if a man has a more detailed fantasy, then it is more likely to be something that is only expressed by women and not vice versa.

In order to answer the question, “What do men fantasize about during sex?” the first thing to realize is that it depends.

If a man is very sexually experienced, he is probably more aware of what is normal sexual behavior and may be able to talk openly about what he does in bed with his partner. If he is quite new at it, then he will probably have to settle for the less descriptive things that are familiar to him.

There are some common sexual fantasies that can be expressed by both men and women. You may see it as somewhat degrading to talk about these in public, but there is a commonality between the two genders in their sexuality. Women, in particular, can become frustrated and confused by the fact that their husbands or boyfriends are not as sexually aroused as they are by fantasy.

The first thing to do is to identify the common fantasy that you and your partner will both want to talk about and it will make things much easier to answer the question, “What do men fantasize about during sex?” This may be a little hard, because men may find it very embarrassing to admit that they like a certain fantasy, but it is still something that can be discussed.

A woman will be shocked at the sexual desires that a man might express and it will come as quite a surprise to her to learn that he has a fantasy about penetration of a woman with a dildo during sex. Some women have felt this same thrill while trying to penetrate their partners with sex toys. If a man is interested in seeing his lover experience pleasure through the use of toys, then he should explain to her what he meant by, “I think I will stick my penis inside a pie tin.”

Many women are turned off by penetrative sex as it does not provide a feeling of satisfaction as it is meant to. While penetration may not be the highest point of a sexual encounter, it is much more than just penetration for most men and women and that is what is desired.

This is why women often ask their partners to try deeper penetration. Most women love to be taken up a notch during foreplay and a simple penetration is not satisfying enough.

The key to most fantasies and most penetrative sex for a man is the idea of pleasing his partner. He wants to bring his woman pleasure during sex, while expressing his fantasy to her. If he is aware of what he wants to say, then he is better able to ask for it.

So many women, when they think about their partners, want to tell them what they would do during their fantasies. Or how they would act in bed. If you, as a man, are not asking what your woman does during sex or fantasizes about in bed, then it is fair to say that it is probably pretty broad.

This is why answering the question, “What do men fantasize about during sex?” becomes difficult, unless the man is in complete control of himself and is in tune with his woman.