Weird thoughts guys have during sex

All men have kinky thoughts. All. There are no exceptions. Even if they live in Timbuktu, even if they are as square as a Rubix cube, no matter what stage in life they are, all males get weird thoughts while having sex. 


Unless a man turns into a eunuch, his body makes his mind come up with the thoughts, He can’t help it. Being exposed to the surroundings, he sponges in everything he sees and hears about sexual acts. He might be able to assimilate some of the input and discard what displeases him, but it isn’t possible to erase all that information and misinformation, as some of those sex dating images might make an impact on his brain. 

Even if a man doesn’t want to have sex, and remains a virgin all his life, he still has weird thoughts. He may have certain fears that make him avoid having sex. He might believe that sex acts are bad and developed shame lined with guilt.

A man can’t escape it 

From childhood, the way he got reared up, it’s all in the back of his mind. It’s not a matter of having repressed memories from a lousy life. The experiences mold his ways, and though he may keep his thoughts under control, these will still influence his sexual behavior.

These experiences enter his mind and create storylines for the fantasies. His imagination may run wild. In addition to his experiences, his exposure to ads, movies, and his peers influences his thoughts. Then, there are the attainable fantasies and those that are not. 

There are secretive sexual behaviors that a man does based on his weird thoughts. He might prefer to hire sex workers, which is something that most men do on the sly. He might opt to be unfaithful and enjoy sex with strangers. He might prefer to masturbate while watching porn movies instead of sex dating

Temptation of kinky acts

Among the weird thoughts that men have during sex are those of kinky acts. Those strange thoughts are graphic images focusing on a body part. For example, a man who likes big boobs might think of having a boob fuck by sliding his dick in between the breasts. He may want to eat pussy, which is a kinky act because it is submissive. He might prefer to finger fuck a woman and watch her come (voyeurism), which are both submissive acts. 

 A man has weird thoughts while making out and while doing other sexual acts like masturbating. Fantasy and masturbation are inseparable, and a man might need porn magazines, erotic videos, and certain sexual toys to make his experience mind-blowing.

To fantasize is normal

There might be thoughts that are so weird that these are not said even to a trusted partner. For as long as a person realizes that not all sex dreams can be made real, the controls are in place. A little imagination does help make our sex life better, and we may all enjoy our fantasies, whether they come true or not.